Reading Time: 2 minutes Capturing Nolan’s Senior Photo Session: A Fun, Bold, and Memorable Experience Today, I’m thrilled to share a senior photo session that’s close to my heart. You see, I’m not just a family and portrait photographer – I’m also a mom of four kids, and my world revolves around capturing those precious moments. So, when I […]

senior boy sitting on stairs looking seriously to the camera

Reading Time: 2 minutes Will’s Senior Photo Session: Keeping It Real! In the world of high school seniors, there’s something truly special about capturing their real selves. Meet Will, a senior who loves basketball and his family. While many seniors opt for those fluffy, over-the-top photos, Will and his family decided to keep this senior photo session real and […]

senior photo session

Reading Time: 2 minutes Capturing Grace: An Unforgettable Senior Photo Session Imagine this: It’s a Friday night, and out of the blue, my old childhood buddy Laura calls me up. We used to run wild through the fields together, you know, back in the day. Laura’s got a niece named Grace, a senior who’s about to step into a […]

young lady smiling cupping a horses face with her hand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prom season is in full swing, and as a mom, I was determined to make my son’s prom photo session an unforgettable one. But, little did I know, the real magic was going to happen with a pair of cufflinks. First things first, let me tell you, finding the perfect suit for my big boy, […]

senior man adjusting his cufflink looking out the window

Reading Time: 2 minutes Get ready for this senior photo session! It started off a bit bumpy but ended up an absolute dream! Let me introduce you to Emma, a high school senior and a fellow photographer. As photographers, we all know how important it is to have professional photos taken, but sometimes, even we need a little help […]

beautiful girl in tulip field in cap and gown for senior photo session