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senior man adjusting his cufflink looking out the window
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Prom season is in full swing, and as a mom, I was determined to make my son’s prom photo session an unforgettable one. But, little did I know, the real magic was going to happen with a pair of cufflinks.

First things first, let me tell you, finding the perfect suit for my big boy, who is a lineman football player going off to play college football, was a daunting task. But thanks to Mike Bjorn’s, we were able to get him fitted perfectly in a beautiful suit at a very reasonable price.

We were over the moon with our find, and my son looked like a million bucks.

For our prom photo session, we started off at a gorgeous nature preserve, Hawthorn Hollow in Kenosha, where the spring flowers and greens were in full bloom, making for an enchanting setting. My son and his friends looked so dapper in their suits, but little did I know, the real magic was yet to come.

We then moved on to a downtown Kenosha hotel, The Apis, where the lobby had a huge window that provided absolute PERFECT natural light.

The boys looked like they were ready for a GQ cover shoot!

…and I was feeling like the proudest mama bear in the world.

But what made the night even more special was that my husband had given my son his great grandfather’s custom “H” cufflinks to wear that night.

It was a gesture that brought tears to my eyes.

Seeing my son wear those cufflinks, passed down from his great grandfather, who he was never able to meet, was a moment that will stay with me forever. It was like a piece of family history was being carried on to the next generation.

In conclusion, our prom photo session was not just about capturing pictures in fancy suits, it was about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

From finding the perfect suit to the sentimental touch of wearing his great grandfather’s cufflinks, every detail was thoughtfully considered to make this a truly unforgettable night.

I love capturing these final moments in these sweet Senior high school days. Check out this senior cap & gown photo session amongst the tulips!!

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