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senior photo session
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Will’s Senior Photo Session: Keeping It Real!

In the world of high school seniors, there’s something truly special about capturing their real selves. Meet Will, a senior who loves basketball and his family. While many seniors opt for those fluffy, over-the-top photos, Will and his family decided to keep this senior photo session real and trust me, the results were fantastic!

Will’s Senior Photo Adventure

Will, a laid-back guy, let his love for basketball shine through in his senior photos. From dribbling tricks to sporting his jersey, every pic was just him being himself. As a photographer, my job is capturing those genuine moments, and Will nailed the “serious look.”

A Familiar Connection

What made this session extra cool was my history with Will’s family. I’ve known Yolanda, Will’s mom, for ages because our kids played basketball together. Watching Will grow from a little dude to a high school senior was pretty darn special. So, when they asked me to document this big moment, I was thrilled!

A Full-Blown Senior Session

Will’s senior session was a full two-hour adventure. We kicked things off with some city vibes at the Kemper Center, and let me tell you, those pics turned out amazing. Will’s determination and style really shone through. After that, we headed to the tranquil shores of Lake Michigan to capture his softer side.

Lake Michigan Chill-Out

The beach at Lake Michigan was the perfect backdrop, especially with the sun setting. Will got all chill, kicked off his shoes, rolled up his jeans, and strolled along the beach. The result? Some seriously stunning pics that showed off his strength and a bit of that “senior vibes.”

Family Love

During the shoot, Will’s dad, who’s also named Will (how cool is that?), joined us. Having both parents there added a whole new dimension to the photos, emphasizing just how important family is during these big moments.

A Big Thanks!

I want to give a big, warm thank-you shoutout to Will, Yolanda, and Will for letting me be part of this awesome adventure. Capturing Will’s senior year was an absolute blast, and the pics turned out fantastic!

Book Your Senior Session Today

With fall rolling in, now’s the perfect time to think about getting your senior photos done. If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture your real, down-to-earth style, just click the link to check my availability. For more senior sessions, check out Grace’s Surprise Horse Senior Session and Emma’s Tulip Festival Senior Session.

Will’s senior photo session was all about keeping it real and having a blast while doing it. In a world full of fancy and over-the-top pics, his love for basketball and his amazing family shone through, resulting in a collection of photos that truly tell his story. Whether you’re a high school senior or a parent looking to capture these special memories, remember that the magic happens when you keep it real. Don’t miss your chance to make these moments last a lifetime!

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