Sunflower Photo Session | Kenosha WI Photographer | Khloe’s 1st Birthday

beautiful 1 year old baby girl smiling while sitting on ground in a sunflower field with a year old sign a red wagon and a watering can
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As a mom of four and someone who’s been married for over two decades, I know a thing or two about cherishing genuine moments. No frills, no fuss – just the beauty of life as it is. So, when Molly reached out for a sunflower photo session for her daughter, Khloe’s, 1st birthday, I was ALL IN!

We chose one of my favorite spots, Thompson Farm, for the perfect backdrop for these precious milestone photos.

I’m all about the sunflower vibe, especially when the golden hour paints everything in a warm glow. There’s something magical about those towering sunflowers, and they make the perfect backdrop for capturing Khloe’s precious first-year expressions.

Even though the weather was a bit cloudy that day, the soft light turned out to be a blessing in disguise, highlighting Khloe’s charm in the most natural way.

Oh, let’s talk about props!

I had a little trick up my sleeve with a charming “ONE” sign, a vintage red wagon, and a rustic watering can.

Trust me, this setup was pure gold against the sunflowers – a match made in heaven for little Khloe to steal the show.

15 Minutes?

Yes, in just a quick 15 minutes, we managed to freeze time and capture the sweetest moments that’ll last a lifetime.

So Grateful

Molly, a huge thank you for inviting me to be part of this special day for you and Khloe. These photos aren’t just pictures; they’re tokens of love, growth, and the joy that your family shares. Every smile, every milestone – it’s all there, frozen in time for you to treasure forever.

Should I?

If you are contemplating a sunflower photo session, take it from Khloe herself: this is an experience worth embracing. Sunflowers may come and go in a flash, much like the precious early years of childhood.

Now’s the time to capture that innocence and wonder, and let me tell you, a sunflower field is like a playground of dreams for a little one.

If you’re thinking about diving into this sunflower photo session adventure, CLICK HERE to check out my availability.

Let’s make the most of these fleeting moments, and I can’t wait to meet you at the sunflower field!

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