Milestone Photo Session | Kenosha, WI Photographer | Hezekiah 6 Months

Raquel holding her joyful 6-month-old baby, Hezekiah, in a sunflower field at sunset, capturing a genuine and heartwarming moment.
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I’m SO excited to share a special story about my dear friend Raquel and her adorable baby boy, Hezekiah, and his milestone photo session. Fun Fact: they were my very first photography clients, EVER! So, grab a cup of coffee and join me in reliving this beautiful journey.

The Vision

When Raquel called me to capture Hezekiah’s 6-month milestone, I couldn’t believe it! It felt like just yesterday when I was snapping his sweet newborn photos. Raquel had a dream for this session – a sunflower field. No frills, just raw, genuine moments in the warm embrace of the setting sun.

The Sunflower Field

We set a date at sunset, and the sunflower field was nothing short of a fairy tale. As the sun dipped low, those golden blooms stretched for the sky, painting a breathtaking backdrop. The colors were so vivid, and the warmth was like a comforting hug. It was the perfect match for our ‘keeping it real’ style.

The Photography Experience

Capturing Hezekiah’s milestone moments was an absolute blast. There’s something so special about witnessing a baby’s journey of discovery. Hezekiah’s eyes sparkled with curiosity, and his laughter echoed through the field. Raquel’s love for her little one was like a warm breeze, touching everything it graced.

Published in a Magazine

And you will NOT believe it!! The other day, I got some incredible news. One of our photos from this session was published in a magazine! That first image below is like a little piece of our hearts shared with the world. It’s proof that real, raw moments can shine just as brightly as any staged ones.

Raquel and Hezekiah’s milestone photo session was all about celebrating love and genuine moments. This session was a true testament to that commitment, and I’m grateful to have shared in their journey.

Milestone sessions freeze time in its tracks, so you can hold onto those precious moments forever.

Thank you Raquel, for allowing me to be a part of your family’s precious moments. It’s an honor.

If you want to capture your unique story with authenticity and heart, get in touch with me. Life’s most magical moments are real, just like you and me. Let’s make some more magic together!

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